Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Mars Bar Cake/Slice

Dinner with friends on the weekend was curry. I always struggle what to make for dessert after an Indian meal, so I threw a few choices over to Stacy and she chose the Mars Bar cake.

We used this recipe, but found we need a lot more rice bubbles than the recipe and added marshmallows along the pretence of the Great American Treat – Rice Krispy Treat. I was going to add the marshmallows through at the end for colour and texture but then learnt about this American Treat and we tried it this way.

This one goes out especially to you, Dad, I thought of you a lot.

When we were kids and we had to go somewhere in Dads car there was regularly a Mars Bar wrapper. We'd yell and scream that it wasn’t fair that he had one and insist he buy us one. Sometimes it worked haha.

This is rich and sticky and oh, so very, very bad for you but damn it was good!

6 Mars bars
6 oz/170 grams butter
6oz/170 grams rice bubbles
Handful of marshmallows

In a heatproof bowl break up the Mars bars into pieces.

Add the butter and marshmallows in pieces to the Mars bar and melt together in a microwave or bain-marie style in the stove top (pot of simmering water, and bowl over the top).

Mix the butter, Mars bars and marshmallows together until smooth.

Add the rice bubbles and make sure they’re all covered well.

Put mixture in a buttered dish and pat down.

Refrigerate until set.

Cut into squares and serve.

You can find the original from



Deborah said...

I haven't had a Mars bar in fact, I don't think you can even find them easily where I live anymore. But I'm sure this recipe would work equally well for many different candy bars. Looks great!

Sam said...

I've heard mars bars are different sizes in different countries which might account for the mars to rice krispie ratio being off?