Thursday, 13 March 2008

Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with 2 Cheeses

Here in Sydney, we have the Growers Markets on the first Saturday of every month on the banks of Darling Harbour. There are loads of stalls, people, dogs, chairs and umbrellas to guard us from the sun, live music and all sorts of nice things. I try to go every month, but you have to get there super early or the things you want will have run out, like the mushrooms I love.

In the week leading up to the recent markets, it rained and rained and rained here so I thought I wouldn’t be going. I woke up on the first Saturday of March and it was a gorgeous sunny day so we sleepily traipsed down there.

I got in the line for a breakfast roll and Tony got in the line for coffees. We met up a while later and sat in the sun and woke up over breakfast with the stunning water views and all sorts of happening around us. Right near us was the stall you can see above. I’ve never made zucchini flowers at home so I bought myself some, found the recipe below in the Sydney Morning Herald (our local paper) and whipped them up for us. They were great. Not as good as some restaurants I’ve been to, but from the old home kitchen, they were lovely. If you find your self with some zucchini flowers, they’re worth a shot.

200g plain flour
2/3 cup cold water
Salt and pepper to taste

Zucchini flowers
24 female zucchini flowers with the zucchini attached
100g grated parmesan
100g grated gruyere
100g breadcrumbs
Handful of chopped parsley
A few sprigs of thyme, finely chopped
Salt and pepper, to taste

First, make the batter. Mix the flour and the water together until they form a rough, lumpy mixture; don't work the batter too much. Rest this while you are preparing the rest of the dish.

For six people, get 24 female zucchini flowers with the baby zucchini attached. Mix 100g each of grated gruyere cheese and breadcrumbs. Add a few sprigs of finely chopped thyme and add salt and pepper. Open the ends of the flowers and fill them with as much mixture as can fit comfortably inside, while still being able to pinch the points of the flowers closed. Dip the filled zucchini in the batter, allowing any excess to run off and deep fry in olive oil until golden.

Take them out, drain, salt lightly and serve with salad.



steph- whisk/spoon said...

i love stuffed zucchini flowers and these sound amazing! I also try to make it to the market bright and early the first saturday of each husband and i have the same strategy--I wait in line at toby's while he gets the breakfast!

Deborah said...

I have actually never even had zucchini flowers before, but I have seen them on lots of blogs. I really want to try it out this summer.

Anonymous said...

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