Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Thai Egg Nets

I was recently invited to a gorgeous ladies lunch overlooking the Sydney harbor. There was great company, a paddle in the swimming pool, gorgeous wines, beautiful view, delicious food and a few hours of fun preparing in the kitchen.

Over the next few weeks I'll drip feed you the various recipes, but this one was my favourite for the pure enjoyment of making the fancy egg part. My first few were dodgy but I got into the swing of it and the pan got nice and hot and I was on a roll. They were quite the novelty on the table and they tasted yummy too.
4 coriander (cilantro) roots
2 cloves of garlic
10 peppercorns
vegetable oil
1 small onion, finely chopped
115 grams minced pork
75 grams shalled raw prawns, chopped
50 grams roasted peanuts, ground
1 tsp palm sugar
fish sauce
3 eggs
coriander leaves
spring onions
2 red chillies, finaly sliced

Pound together the coriander roots, garlic, peppercorns with a pinch of salt to a paste.

Stirfry the paste in a little oil till fragrant. Add the onion and cook further till softened.

Add the pork and prawns and continue to stirfry until the meat is cooked. Add the peanuts, palm sugar, and the salt and fish sauce to taste and sontinue to cook until it becomes sticky.

Beat the eggs and pour into a squeeze bottle (makes it all much easier).

Heat a small frying pan, add a little oil, and make a lattice with the eggs into the pan using the squeeze bottle. When the net is set, remove and repeat until all the eggs have been used.
Lay a net on a board, lay a few coriander leaves on the holes of the net, spoon in some filling - form into a neat square (like folding a spring roll or cold roll) and repeat with the remaining nets.

Garnish with more coriander leaves, the spring onion and sliced chillies.


Emiline said...

These sound delicious. I love Thai food!
I don't think I've seen anything like these before.

Deborah said...

What a great recipe! These look like so much fun!

Angel said...

I've never seen anything like these, but man they look cute. That sounds like a very fun event to attend. Wish I had something like that here.