Sunday, 26 April 2009

Broccoli & Rice

It's disappointing when you see a recipe that sounds tasty and you think to yourself, 'Yeah, that would be nice for dinner tonight'. You walk to the shop especially to get some ingredients, the baby has fallen asleep so you start dinner while you have a chance as dinner time is always crazy times. Baby wakes up so you quickly shut production down and settle him.

Hours later you find another moment to try and finish dinner off. Again, the baby is unhappy and you have to stop. Dad comes home and says something encouraging along the lines of 'that smells good', so you plant the baby on Dad's lap and finally finish off the dish and serve it.

Finally, you sit down, take the first bite and realise it is terrible.

This kind of thing breaks my heart. It happened to me with this Broccoli, Rice and Cheddar Casserole dish from Serious Eats. Boo hoo.

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Anonymous said...

rofl. god that made me laugh. u should change your name to the baby and the curry maker. liz