Friday, 14 December 2007

Apologies for the lack of posts


How good does all that look? Mmm. We returned home to Adelaide for my Dad’s 60th birthday. This is the wonderful Indian meal we had at Jasmin (where I worked once upon a time). Thanks for making it all so special Amrik and his team.

My oven exploded (ye, its great for all that Christmas baking I had planned!) and I’ve been detoxing for 10 days, so you truly don’t even want to hear what has been passing my lips, let alone see it! I love this blogging business, but my hips really don’t, so I had to take desperate measures. Sorry to be a bore, but I have a few things planned for the weekend, so come check it out next week :)


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Deborah said...

I hear you about the toll of food blogging!! I have had to start giving away most of my baked goods. My husband was actually complaining last night that I give away more food these days than I keep at home!